“Slow TSX”

Being a South Bay local my friends and I frequented the In n Out in Torrance.  Whenever there, we would see this TSX in the parking lot of the plaza.  This was one of the first stanced cars I had ever seen in person.  Boy was it a great first impression of the scene.

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“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

This year’s car scene has brought numerous trends and styles. It’s evident when comparing automotive shows from last year to 2012. A lot of cars are just stacking parts onto their cars with no sense of style or character. It’s easy to be flashy when you got the coolest parts on the block or the brightest colors of the rainbow, but Brandon Burke straight up said “no”. Brandon’s game was to do the most with the least. I remember attending Motion Auto Show and reading his exterior mods list, to my surprise it was a humble list of four mods. Come to think of it, there wasn’t much exterior mods. Brandon’s attention to detail and execution is what really sets his S13 apart from the rest.

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