“Slow TSX”

Being a South Bay local my friends and I frequented the In n Out in Torrance.  Whenever there, we would see this TSX in the parking lot of the plaza.  This was one of the first stanced cars I had ever seen in person.  Boy was it a great first impression of the scene.

Tracy started off with a Toyota Solara.  He spent countless hours and dollars building the Solara to be not so average.   As anyone who builds cars knows, having a built car as your daily is not going to end well.  After going through three engines and two transmissions Tracy decided to go with a fully built race engine and tranny.  As it would happen, that set up blew too.

Tracy decided he needed a more reliable car to daily.  He went to an Acura Dealership in Mira Loma and found a car that he had his eyes on for a long time: a black Lexus GS430.  It was everything he had ever hoped for in a car.  However his driving record was not up to par with what his insurance company would allow to insure a Lexus of that grade.  The TSX was on the lot but didn’t grab Tracy’s attention because he never saw himself owning a grey car.  After talking to his insurance company, Tracy found out that the TSX was one of the cheapest insurance premiums available to him.

The car did not spend much time being stock. As Tracy waited for the solara to be repaired, he grew tired and restless, and finally gave in to modifying the TSX. Within the first week of owning the car, he put 19″ axis wheels, lowered it on Tanabe springs, switched out the HIDs to 55w aftermarkets and tinted the windows.

Right about this time Tracy started to frequent blogs like Hellaflush, Stancenation, Stanceworks and Canibeat. He became infatuated with the “stanced” look and found this style incredibly intriguing. This eventually led to him buying humongous 25mm spacers which in turn completely trashed half of his wheel studs from constantly installing and removing the spacers.

With determination in his heart, Tracy knew he had to become legit. He had to slam the car and get some legit wheels. Tracy saved for almost a full year, and spent nothing on himself, to buy a set of CCW LM20 for his car. At this time he also came across a fantastic deal on Tein Basics, so he picked those up, slammed them all the way down to the collar, and put in his order for my CCWs. Just so happened at that time Tracy also got his tax refund, so his order went in for 2 sets, LM20 and LM5.

Tracy started to encounter issues with rubbing and hitting coilovers at his ride height and eventually the inevitable happened. He cracked two CCW LM20s. In his desperate search to find a fix, he met Sam Kang, of a company formerly known as Wright Wheels. Today better known as Wheelflip.

They changed so many barrels for him that he became a regular there. After Tracy switched his suspension setup to Tein Flex for the stiffer setup, he stopped cracking wheels, but had grown a friendship with Sam.

Sam convinced Tracy to do two things that will forever define his car…

Sam convinced Tracy to dip his LM20s in 24k gold with a sandwich mounted face. And he convinced Tracy to trade the LM5s for the very SSR SP1s you see on the car in these pics.

The wheels and stance of Tracy’s car literally opened doors for him. It created attention and buzz all from a car he never originally wanted or liked. Now he is a proud staff member of Import Fashion and shows his car at least once a month with the CCWs.

The SSR Wheels are going back to wheelflip soon for some custom work, something that will blow your mind.

I guess when you leave a car guy with a car, ANY car, for long enough, he gets bored and tinkers with it.

Exterior/ LightingXebrite 55w 8000k D2s HID Headlights
JDM Sport 55w 8000k HID Kit in Foglights
Nokya Yellow High Beam Bulbs
40% Tint All Around
Injet smoked lens foglamps
Depo EDM 06-08 Replica Headlamps
Billetanything Chrome Window Pillar Trim
Mugen Ventillated Window Visors
Grandioso VIP Swarovski Crystal License Plate Bolts
Grandioso VIP Swarovski Crystal Valve Stem Caps
Fishcake Smoked Rear Reflectors
OEM Acura A Spec lip kit

Custom LED Lighting By Autolumination
-White LED
Rear Dome Light
Center Cubby Box
Vanity Lights
Door Lights
Trunk Light
Reverse Lights
License Plate Lights
Footwell Lights
Cupholder Lights
Front Corner Lights
Front Turn Signals
-Red LED
Brake lights
Third Brake Light
Rear Corner Lights
Rear Turn SignalsSuspension/Wheels/Brakes
Show Wheels: CCW LM20 Wheels
Custom refinished and reconstructed by Wheelflip:
Custom Sandwhich mounted face
24k Gold plated face and 24k Gold plated ARP hardware
18×9.5 +23 Front
18×10 +23 Rear ( Estimated specs. )
Nitto Neo Gen Tires: 205/40/18 Front – 215/40/18 Rear

Street Wheels: SSR Professor SP1
Custom finish and construction by Wheelflip:
Fully polished face and lips
Black anodized hardware
Relocated valve stem
18×9 +25 Front
18×9.5 +25 Rear
Nitto Neo Gen Tires: 205/40/18 Front – 215/40/18 RearTein Type FLEX Coilovers
Skunk 2 Front Camber Arms
Megan Racing Rear Upper Camber Arms
Ingalls Rear Lower Camber Arms
Racingbrake Slotted Rotors
Racingbrake ET300 Brake PadsFitment
Rolled and pulled front fenders
Shaved rear fenders
Bumper tabs shaved and relocated
3.7 Degrees Negative Camber Front
6.8 Degrees Negative Camber Rear
Coilovers shaved to prevent rubbing

Sound System/Interior
Razo Luxis shift knob with LED Base
Garson DAD Type Vega Headrest Neck Pads
Garson DAD Type Crown Seat Belt Pads
Garson DAD Type Vega Luxury Tissue Box
Momo Floor Mats
Alpine Type X 12″ Subwoofer
Sound Ordnance 12″ Ported Box
Alpine PDX 1000w Mono Sub Amp
MTX Audio Re-Q 5 Bass Restoration System
Dynamat Extreme on entire trunk and license plate
All wires by Monster Audio and Scosche EFXPerformance/Engine Dress Up
Injen cold air intake
AEM Dryflow Performance Filter
Hondata Reflash
DC Sports 4-2-1 Ceramic Header
Custom 2.5″ Exhaust with Vibrant resonator and twin Tanabe Medallion Hyper mufflers
Password JDM Dry Carbon intake manifold and spark plug cover
Skunk 2 black series oil cap and radiator cap

Words by Oliver Tragert


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