“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

This year’s car scene has brought numerous trends and styles. It’s evident when comparing automotive shows from last year to 2012. A lot of cars are just stacking parts onto their cars with no sense of style or character. It’s easy to be flashy when you got the coolest parts on the block or the brightest colors of the rainbow, but Brandon Burke straight up said “no”. Brandon’s game was to do the most with the least. I remember attending Motion Auto Show and reading his exterior mods list, to my surprise it was a humble list of four mods. Come to think of it, there wasn’t much exterior mods. Brandon’s attention to detail and execution is what really sets his S13 apart from the rest.

Brandon explained to me that he wanted something completely clean. Which meant no hood vents, no roof wings, no dmax taillights, and even no windshield wipers. When he got the car a year and a half ago it was like any other aged 240sx. The car was covered in oil and just wasn’t in the best condition, but Brandon worked with what he had and finished this project November of 2011. Since then he’s been getting out to every automotive event that his schedule allows him to. Now with that being said, here’s a video by our videographer Jared Bedrejo from UMWorks.

The Silvia front end is tied together with an R32 GTR grill and an Accord lip. Circuit Sport Clear Headlight Covers were also added along.

Addressing the whole simplicity theme, Brandon shaved the rear trunk lock, debadged the emblems, and went with a cop friendly muffler setup.

“I was thinking of going with a Rocket Bunny wing setup for the rear, not sure yet though.” -Brandon Burke

Easily one of the most eye catching pieces of this 240sx would be the SSR SP1’s. Lips fat and faces matte, they set off the car as a whole. In addition to that, Brandon stuck with a 4 lug wheel setup instead of converting to 5 lug like most 240 owners.

-17×9 -1 205/40/17 Front
-17×9.5 -8 215/40/17 Rear

Brandon also has a RB25 chillin’ under the hood. When we asked to take shots of the engine bay Brandon pointed out how it’s nothing special and isn’t clean. But when he opened it up, it looked like this s13 came straight out of Nissan with a RB25.

RB25 Series 2
-Syko Mounts
-DSS Steel Driveshaft
-Apexi Power FC
-Greddy Intake Manifold
-Holset HX30 Turbo
-CXRacing Exhaust Manifold
-Turbonetics 38mm Wastegate
-Custom 3” Downpipe
-2.5” Straight Pipe
-S14 Radiator
-Flex-A-Lite Fans
-McKinney Intercooler Setup
-Walbro 255
-Apexi Intake Filter
-Spec Stage 2 Clutch

Now that we’ve pretty much covered everything there is to know about this car, we’ll leave you guys and gals with some rolling shots by our photographer Jared Bedrejo.

Words by Mac Cruz


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