Two Is Bigger Than One.

We all hear the cliche’s on Hondas being called ricers or everyone’s all time favorite acronym, a”POS”. Because of this, there is a sporadic amount of clean, stanced Hondas. It takes a keen eye to unleash the beauty of these cars and Austin Jones was one of those rightful owners.

Austin has been working on his EM2 for the last 4 years. It has gone through many different stages since he’s owned it. Due to growing weary of  the silver color it used to be, he repainted it teal, avoiding similar colors on the road. Austin’s EM2 is daily driven and is also his only car.

He is currently running customized Skunk2 coilovers along with 16×7+24 BBS RS wheels wrapped in 205/40/r16 Falken 512 Tires. Now hold that thought. Here’s a few words from Austin himself. “I also recently just picked up my first set of legit wheels which are a pair of BBS RS’. They are in the process of being built to make them wider and will soon be ready for Wekfest.”

There’s just something about Honda and their HFP lip kits that just put the icing on the cake. Austin’s EM2 is equipped with the HFP front lip along with Type A sides. Minor engine work such as Megan Racing headers, down pipe, and an AEM intake add a little pull to the throttle.

This Em2 may not seem as spoiled as it is, but Austin has a lot in store for it and plans on keeping it for a long while. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of these awesome pictures taken by our photographer Jon Tran!


5 thoughts on “Two Is Bigger Than One.

  1. The coolest thing about this car is that you never see these Civics messed with the right way. And this one is perfect.

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